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Hartford Water Damage Restoration Service

Water Damage Cleanup Services

Water damage restoration does not have to be a disaster. Our cleanup services include water extraction, drying and deodorizing, and disposal of damaged appliances, carpets, and furniture. Your first steps after experiencing natural disaster flooding or water damage from plumbing should be to contact our flood repair and restoration services in Hartford.

Our first concern is always your safety! Please, do not enter the property until all electrical concerns have been resolved by a professional. Slips and falls are much more common than you think during flooding and water repair. Water and electricity to the home or business should be shut off as soon as possible. Mold begins to grow in as little as 24 hours. Let us help from start to finish with our water damage restoration service.

Water & Flood Restoration Process

If you are facing flooding damage renovation, we can help fast and affordably. The first thing to do is simply make the call. Let us know what type of water you’re dealing with, whether it is a result of rain or plumbing water from toilets, dishwashers, washing machines and pipes. If flooding from natural bodies of water like rivers or lakes has impacted you, it is important to stay out of that water. The type of flooding and water remediation needed at your commercial or residential property will let us know how to proceed.

Water Damage Safety Steps:

Turn off utilities to the water damaged structure immediately. Stay out of it until it has been stabilized by emergency responders. Broken pipes, floods from rain or river overflow and much more cause their own unique problems. Steer clear of sagging ceilings and do not step into the water which may have bacteria. Mold grows in as little as 24 hours.

Water Extraction and Deodorizing:

Using the latest tools and equipment, Disasters 911 will extract water, sanitize, deodorize and get you all dried out. We’ll prevent odors before they begin. They key is to contact us quickly. We’ll be there within hours to begin the process of your water damage restoration service.

Storage and Disposal of Property and Assets:

Some possessions and assets will be able to be salvaged. Other water damaged materials will need disposal. Disposal regulations for water damaged items depend on the material and type. You’ll need a flooding expert to determine the authorized removal method.

Basement Flooding Cleanup:

Disinfecting a water damaged basement involves unique measures. We’ll handle drying out the basement and making sure mold doesn’t begin to grow. Our comprehensive process will make sure your home or business is safe with fast and friendly service.

Toilet Overflow Water Damage Cleanup:

Our most common call is for bathroom water damage from toilets overflowing. We’ll stop the plumbing issue, cleanup and disinfect, and completely dry out the area impacted by bathroom flooding.

Water Damage Restoration:

Our water damage restoration is a full service offer. Not only do we stop the problem, we completely fix the aftermath including dehumidifying and deodorizing the impacted area.

Comprehensive Flooding Cleaning:

After the water has been remediated, our team comes in to cleanup, sanitize, and disinfect the impacted space. This includes repair and replacement along with disinfection of the structure and furnishings like carpets and drapes.

Why Choose Disasters 911?

Our Hartford water restoration services use professional teams that are outfitted with the best equipment available. Our local reviews speak for themselves. We care about our community as much as you do. From start to finish, we’ll be there to handle the insurance company, emergency responders, and get your water damaged residence or business back up to code. 

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